List of Indian Restaurants from major Cities

The development of some cuisines is based on just one or two factors; the Indian cuisine is unique because it owes its gradual development and simplicity. Whenever there is a name of Indian food, the first thing comes to mind is that of a variety of spices which are visibly apparent of their color and flavor. Indian food is indeed full with spices of many types and while ginger, garlic, turmeric, red chili powder and cumin are added in roughly all preparations. While certain caste completely refrains from non-vegetarian food including eggs as well. People in certain areas in coastal side treat fish and coconuts as their fasten diet while other areas like Rajasthan and Gujarat have pulses, legumes and pickles to compensate for the lack of vegetables. Indians adopt a lot of importance to breakfast, which is known as nashta, and this is taken after cup of tea or coffee which marks the start of the day. While nashta in north India features rotis, parathas, and in the southern belt it is idli or dosas accompanied by chutney and in the western region it comprises of dhokla and milk.

Lunch is the most important meal of the day for Indians which comes in the form of at leaset 2-3 vegetable dishes and a variety of desserts, the main dish varies from region to region where it can either roti or rice or both. And the Indian food in the evening time they have a cup of tea with some snacks while dinner servers the main dish after lunch which may consists of traditional or fruit based. Indian Restaurants as mentioned above have wide varieties of rice depends upon their food habits. We have mentioned the list of major cities in India where you can have your favorite food. Various Restaurants have games provided for free and restaurants in india are very cool to have your favorite foods , you can also get fast food recipes in Indian restaurants.

  1. Ahmedabad Restaurants
  2. Bangalore Restaurants
  3. Chandigarh Restaurants
  4. Chennai Restaurants
  5. Delhi Restaurants
  6. Hyderabad Restaurants
  7. Kolkata Restaurants
  8. Mumbai Restaurants
  9. Noida Restaurants
  10. Pune Restaurants
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