List of Recipes in Maharashtra

Below are the list of Maharashtra Recipes Latest of all the time. This Maharashtra Recipes is very healthy and tasty to eat..

Guar Ki Bhaaji

This simple and healthy cluster beans curry is known as Gawar ki sabzi, its healthy and delicious all the way as it requires very minimal preparation

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Karwari Prawns

Karwari Prawns is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Side Dish.

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Khara Chicken

A totally unique taste.. you'll be hooked after the first mouthful. 'Khara'.

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Malwani Chicken Sukka

An excellent and delicious Malvani Chicken dish made with Malvani spices.

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Matki Usal

Matki chi usal - Maharashtrian dish presents a healthy, spicy and authentic recipe to prepare the popular Maharashtrian lentil preparation

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Thalipeeth is a traditional recipe of Maharashtra, is prepared with multi grain flour, chilly-spices and fresh vegetables

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Vangi-Batata Bhaaji

Cubes of potatoes, eggplant and tomatoes mashed up in a spicy masala made with turmeric, coriander, cumin powder and chillies.

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Varan Bhaat

Varan Bhaat is a homey and flavorful dal recipe seasoned with very few spices from the region of Maharashtra.

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Zunka Bhakri

This Maharashtrian dish is a traditional chickpea or besan based wet mix which is then tempered with mustard seeds, garlic paste and curry leaves.

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