List of Recipes in Madhya Pradesh

Below are the list of Madhya Pradesh Recipes Latest of all the time. This Madhya Pradesh Recipes is very healthy and tasty to eat..

Baflas With Dal

Bafla is a variation of Baati . The dough is same as Baati. The bread is cooked like a dumpling in salted boiling water or Dal

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Farsi Puri

Farsi puri is a deep fried Indian bread or poori recipe which made from rice flour.

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Gur Paratha

It is a Deliciously Sweet Recipe, Whole wheat flour soaked with milk-gur mixture to make sweet rotis, smeared with ghee.

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Jalebis can be known as funnel cakes. Jalebis can be made thin and crispy or thick and juicy. Jalebis taste best when served hot.

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Masala Dosai

Masala Dosa is a famous recipe not only in India but abroad too.

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Poha is a common breakfast dish made of flattened rice, spiced up with turmeric and cumin seeds

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Sabudana Khichdi

Sago (Sabudana) Khichadi is usually made in fasts.

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Stuffed Potato Naan

Naan is very popular bread. This recipe is a tasty twist to naan stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes.

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