Gur Paratha Recipe




  1. Preheat tawa. Take little amount of dough (equal to the size of small guava) and roll it.
  2. Dust with dry flour and roll into 3-4 inch diameter parantha. Spread some ghee on top of the rolled parantha.
  3. Now place 1-2 tsp stuffing on the parantha and roll it back into a ball. Close the stuffing properly. Flatten the ball so that stuffing gets even.
  4. Powder it again with dry flour and roll gently into 5-6 inch diameter thick parantha.
  5. Tawa is heated, set the parantha on tawa. When it gets little brown from underneath flip the sides.
  6. When second side gets brown spots as well then widen some ghee on the upper side. Spread it all around, flip the side and spread some ghee on the other aside as well. bake parantha until it gets brown spots on both the sides.
  7. Put the prepared parantha on bowl kept above a plate or on the foil. Likewise organize all paranthas.
  8. Enticing and mouth drooling gur parantha is ready.
  9. Serve gur parantha as it is like a cookie, with curd and with milk to kids. Enjoy it yourself as well.

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