List of Recipes in Kerala

Below are the list of Kerala Recipes Latest of all the time. This Kerala Recipes is very healthy and tasty to eat..

Adaku Pathiri

Adaku Pathiri is a very popular dish originated from the Malabar cuisine

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Avial is a dish that originated in Kerala, but gained an equal taste in tamilnadu as well

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Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot Halwa is colourful healthy and tasty food at the same time.

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Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran is the heart of Kerala Cuisine.

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Celery-Payaru Thoran

A authentic Kerala dish packed with subtle flavor of green chili cumin coconut and garlic.

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Kerala Cheeda

Cheeda/Seedai is a south indian recipe and it is a famous snack made up from deep frying rice flour balls

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Chettinad Chicken

Chettinad cuisine is the cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in South India.

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Fish Molly

Fish Molly Fish cooked in mildly spiced coconut milk gravy.

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Kurukku Kalan

Kaalan is the traditional dish of Malayalis. Elephant foot yam and banana are the vegetables used to make Kalan Recipe.

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Kappa Recipe is a popular dish from Kerala

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Nutritious Milagai Podi

Milagai podi is very common in South Indian homes. There are many recipes for this powder with minor differences.

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Semiya Payasam/Kheer

Semiya payasam is a Kerala dessert made on special occasions like Onam or even for birthdays.

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