Thekua Recipe

thekua recipe



  1. Mix jaggery, water, and green cardamom into a watery solution.
  2. Mix 4 tbsp ghee, jaggery syrup equipped above and coconut to aatta and make dough of it same as that for making chapatis.
  3. Use less jaggery syrup as required for making dough like the one for making chapatis
  4. Take a lump of dough (the size as that for making chapaatis),
  5. Compress it flat on your palm like a peda then press it against a saancha for making khajoor.
  6. After the khajoor has acquired the impression from the saancha, it should be deep fried in ghee till reddish brown.
  7. Ghee is strained and khajoor kept aside.
  8. Serve when fully cooled.

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