Indian Sweets Recipes

Indian Sweets Recipes

As we always say "India is a land of culture and diversities", It is also known as a land where making sweets and selling is famous here. Normally, a good meal is incomplete without a sweet dishes.

We have variety of sweets with different names of sweets made in India, region wise - North Indian simple sweets like kaju katli, moong ladoo, jalebi & gulab jamun and to name a few of the south Indian instant sweets like - Mysore Pak, Paal Goa, badusha, jangri and much more sweet varieties

The core ingredients used for north indian sweets recipes and South Indian sweets recipes are sugar and ghee whereas most of the Bengal sweets are made out of cottage cheese (chana) milk and sugar.

Some of the indian sweets recipe easy are rosogolla, maal pua, rasamalai, sandesh etc. Though sweets are high calorie based, but milk sweets are much lighter in content and flavor than normal ghee sweets which you can't have too much.

So, if you have a sweet tooth, you must definitely know about the various Indian sweet recipes and cook for your beloveds in your family. Celebrate every festive occasion with easy sweet recipes and relish every moment eating it!, Below are the Sweeet Varieties and indian sweets recipes with pictures
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