Indian Breakfast Recipes

Indian Breakfast Recipes

You must be wondering what to cook for breakfast? As we all know that having breakfast is a crucial part of our daily routine.

The reason is our body utilises it's energy storage for the day, from the breakfast we eat. This in turn helps to keep us active through out the day. You end up binging on all possible snacks and Junk foods, if you are someone who skips breakfast. Indian breakfast recipes are no exception as they are tasty and healthy.

There are ample of healthy breakfast options to start your day! From pohas to poories, you can choose your ideal breakfast for the day as per your health and preferences.

Some of the low-calorie breakfast varieties are poha, idli,oats,upma,while some of the high calorie breakfasts are Frankie's, aloo paratha, egg or cheese sandwiches,masala Dosa etc.

Most of the north Indian breakfast recipes like dhokla,aloo paratha and kulcha are some of the simple breakfast menu which are high caloried food varieties. These might be tasty but not at all times is healthy!

Eat healthy and stay healthy!
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