Fried Chicken 65 Recipe

chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a type of fried chicken. Chicken 65 dish originating from Chennai(Madras)as a quick meal. You can serve it with bread or roti. Chicken 65 is a spicy, red, deep fried chicken chunks usually served as snack, entrée or quick appetizer accompanied by onion slices, slit green chilies and lemon wedges.

Chicken 65 is a very versatile dish. Chicken is pretty popular in South Asian countries because of the flavor. Serve the Chicken 65 with a hot and sizzling poori or paratha. The chicken pieces are juicy, tender, aromatic and oh-so-hot.

It seems like Chicken recipe was popular during 1965 at the famous Buhari hotel in Chennai. Another source says that there were 65 chillies used for a particular quantity of chicken.

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Chicken 65 Recipe:



  1. Take a bowl and mix corn flour, all purpose flour, ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, egg,all spice and salt to thick batter.
  2. Add water
  3. Add chicken pieces to the batter and marinate for about one hour.
  4. Deep fry the marinated chicken pieces till they turn golden.
  5. Take a sauce pan and heat 4 tsp oil.
  6. Add fried chicken pieces, slit chillies, yogurt, red color and salt if desired.
  7. Fry for about 4 to 5 minutes and remove it from the heat.
  8. Now add lime juice, mix well and garnish it with onions.
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