Whatchamacallit is a favorite candy bar of the people marketed by The Hershey Company. This Peanut-Flavor Crisp topped with a layer of caramel and dipped in chocolate has a name and a taste that's hard to forget!

This Whatchamacallit candy bar was first introduced in 1978. a Whatchamacallit commercial was created in a new wave style referring to the bar in different ways to say "whatchamacallit", including names that had been made up, such as "wowzamadooala".

The advertising for the Whatchamacallit peaked in the 1980s, after this period Hershey Company ran noticeably less advertisements on this product. However, despite the lack of attention the company gives it compared to other its products, the Whatchamacallit is still in production as of 2015.[2]

There are Whatchamacallit Boutique found in the dallas and commercial also available for whatchamacallit and the whatchamacallit meaning is "Something whose name is unknown or forgotten."

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