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Special & Favorite Indian Food Recipes

Welcome to Favoritefoodrecipes.com. These Indian food recipes are easier to prepare than what you may have thought and each region of India mentioned below has its own style of Indian Cuisine & Indian Cooking with distinct Flavors and Indians Enjoy very unique food culture

Indian Recipes Indian Recipes

Explore the best of top-rated recipes for curries

Bihar Recipes Healthy Recipes

Our Quick and easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

Chicken Recipes Chicken Recipes

Different Varieties of Chicken from different Places

Fish Recipes Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes are healthy and easy to grill, bake & Fry

Goa Recipes Goa Recipes

Make the best Holiday and Special Occasion Recipes

Special Recieps Special Recipes

Tiger prawns fried in seasoned flour and served with grated cheese.


Overview of Health Benefits from Almonds

Almonds The almond is the seed found inside the fruit of almond tree.

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Overview of Health Benefits from Pistachios

Pistachios Pistachios are sold roasted and salted and just eaten plain.

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Cashew Nuts

Overview of Health Benefits from Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts Delicately flavored cashew nut is a favorite between meal snack

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